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Mini business&spa Hotel Olsi
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Mini business&spa hotel Olsi
Minihotel OLSI is created for you, having hidden from a noisy city, have plunged into atmosphere of silence and have taken pleasure in the present rest added with affinity SPA & BEAUTY CENTERS OLSI
Street Bernardazzi - the historical city centre, living the measured life in turmoil of a modern city. Here there is a place where it is always quiet and cosy where always glad and look forward to you.
The affable personnel will help you to choose any of six numbers in whom you on advantage estimate calmness, a cosiness and comfort of the rooms.
Taking into account your wishes the breakfast which enters into number cost will be offered. It can be yoghurts and porridges, tea or coffee, sweet rolls.
To have supper and dinner it is possible at numerous small restaurants which you can order in advance through our managers.
At placing in hotel, you receive unique possibility of service in one of SPA & BEAUTY CENTERS OLSI with 5 % discount.
In addition you can order a transfer, a taxi, to book tickets, to receive consultation on any question.

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Наш адрес: Молдова Кишинев 2012 , ул. М.Еминеску 41/1
Тел.: ( 373-22) 22-33 -22, 22 -98 -02, 92-20 -93
Факс: ( 373-22) 22 -98 -02